Cataclysm Warlock Leveling Guide

Warlock in World of Warcraft is a class considered as bad in the game. This class can summon demons and is the master of the dark arts. Warlocks can use shadow and fire based magic. Here is a WOW Cataclysm Warlock Leveling Guide for this class to help you master it well.

Although warlocks are thought to be weaker than other classes physically, the strong spells and use of demonic entities can never be ignored as they are extremely useful. The spells warlocks cast are more powerful than others. However, such a powerful class can only be chosen by Humans, Orcs, Gnomes, Blood Elves, and Forsaken.

One of the main tasks for warlocks is leveling. In order to level up fast in the game, you will have several options. You should get the best gear, enchants and specifications for your character. They will be very helpful for leveling up faster. New players can first talk to some experienced players first to get some suggestions first. You may do the instances with them to get a lot of experience points and better gear as well.

Learning how to use the magic spells and pets in the game is essential for players who choose warlocks to play. Pet can use tanking to take much of the damage given by the enemies and make up the inferior melee fighting by harming enemies in the game.

Warlocks have great stamina levels and can rejuvenate the mana levels by swapping this for health points as well. Not all classes in World of Warcraft have this ability, and warlock is one of them. Thus, warlocks won’t need to be worried about the mana as they can get the use of mana reduced.

For warlocks, although there are many professions in WOW, just Alchemy, Enchanting and Herbalism are the most suitable ones for them. You can try to combine them to use as well to get better effect and earn WOW gold as well. Felsteed Mount you can get after you get to level 30 and get the necessary training is a great advantage to you to increase your speed by 60%.

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