The 15 Nastiest Trash Clears of WoW

I was reading through some links while writing a follow-up to Robert's Not-So-Original WoW Miscellany when I happened across some discussions concerning the game's most agonizing trash. This is a popular subject for players, not least because complaining is a lot of fun, but I don't think anyone's going to argue that there haven't been some legitimately unpleasant trash clears in WoW.

Fortunately, most of the really bad trash clears are a distant memory, but there was at least one recent one that almost everyone who raided Dragon Soul could agree on. I'm going to include both dungeons and raids here, mostly because Shattered Halls was among the first things to go on this list. After including that, I knew there were other, equally nightmarish 5-mans that had to be included in the interest of fairness.

Gnomeregan This might be hard to remember because Gnomeregan isn't very difficult these days, but "Gnomer" was once one of the most despised 5-mans. Huge trash pulls contained the Mobile Alert Systems (better known as the alarm bots that shrieked and called every mob in sight), land mines, and Arcane Nullifers, the bane and oft-outright killer of caster DPS. To make matters worse, the most usual method of dealing with Gnomer trash -- namely, avoiding as much of it as possible by dropping into the central well from the platforms -- usually brought a killer wave of mobs down on you from players or pets who'd accidentally aggro'd a single mob while jumping.

For a bit of fun, the movie above is a Moviewatch entry from June 2007 showing a paladin at 60 killing most of Gnomeregan's trash in one pull. Notice how close he/she gets to death on multiple occasions despite the level advantage.

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