World of Warcraft Mage Leveling Guide

In World of Warcraft, Mages could understand both the fire and ice, and may manipulate them at will to offer the requirements. Not only they understand ways to make fire and ice, however additionally know ways to mold and mildew and shape them to the expected effect. Mages can concentrate cool into an improved offensive and very destructive projectile known as Frosdtbolt. On the other hand, they could also route an intense sphere of blazing fire called a Fireball.


And in the game, the Mage additionally has to decide between the Alliance and the Horde. Due to the Mage has no self recovering potentials by itself, the draenei race is definitely a good choice as you may have the capacity of healing. And the giant race is beneficial with its regeneration potential. The blood fairy could likewise go with the Mage class very well as they are a remarkably powerful race with Arcane Torrent and Arcane Affinity. The gnome may enable the Mage replenish mana and avoid sticky circumstances. The diplomacy of the mankind is valuable for credibilities in the future and the spirit of the Human may assist to decrease the downtime. Additionally, the forsaken has some perks versus priests and warlocks so the forsaken Mage could be one of the most daunting to play.

WOW Mage

But the Mages can do numerous things instead of this. The Mages can easily do what somebody might call small miracle, developing meals and water, immediate transport from city to urban area which at higher degrees enables your whole people to teleport with the Mage. The Mages may control magic by decreasing the usefulness or raising the effectiveness. They could likewise improve the opponents into sheep immediately without any troubles. But the Mages are limited to wearing cloths just. So you must know occupations that will certainly aid reduce the effects of the weak point as long as you can. You could select the Tailoring profession to help you with the clothing and products. And they could give you an outstanding resource of things to sell for WOW gold. Also, a Mage can easily second hand the bewitching to improve the cloths and other products.


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How to customize a macro icon for each character

Senjira recently asked on the European Interface and Macros forum:

Hey guys i was wondering if i could create a targeting arena1-2-3 macro where i can add several #showtooltips, where the tooltip alters depending on which character i am playing, for example it shows block when i am on mage and link when i am on shaman etc. etc.

I would like this as i like to keep a clean UI, and would like to avoid making 5x Tar 1-2-3 macros..
Thanks in advance!

Community manager Taepsilum responded with a solution involving using the items in bags:

#showtooltip 0 1
/target Arena1

This will change the icon and tooltip of the macro to be whatever is in the first spot of the character's main backpack. The macro works, but I find it confusing if a consumable or something else you can use is in that bag slot, since not just the icon changes. The tooltip lies so I can't tell if it's my macro or a stack of stamina scrolls.

A more elegant solution came from player Kazureus:

/run local G=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell("MACRO_NAME", G"SPELL1" or G"SPELL2")


MACRO NAME is the name of the macro that should change it's icon for example XYZ if you named macro XYZ

SPELLx is spell by name for example Ice Block

This should require macro use after logging on character to take effect.

So, for example, let's say I want a macro for both my monk and my paladin that targets any nearby NPC with the title Brewmaster. But I want it to look monkish for my monk and paladinish for my pally. I call the macro Iconchange and use the question mark icon.

/run local G=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell("Iconchange", G"Chi wave" or G"cleanse")
/target brew

Once I log on to my monk, I have to use the macro once to change it from the question mark to my chi wave icon. It remains the chi wave icon until I log off. I have to do the same with my paladin to get it to use the cleanse spell icon. If I try to use it on my mage, I get an error box.

Do you have a different way to customize the macros you use for each of your characters? Enlighten us.


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Get To the WOW Gold Cap

Many World of Warcraft players want to get to the WOW gold cap, and in this post, you will learn the tips to help you.

First, use the right add-ons. In the process of gold making, there are many game client add-ons. You can use them to fast scan, analyze and utilize WOW auction house data. And many players are using the auctioneer, and it is becoming the best add-on for this task. Certainly, there are many other add-ons that you can use. The more data you have, the better equipped you will be to get to the WOW gold cap.

Most players are told that farming and questing are sufficient methods of making gold and satisfy your cash needs. While there may be truth to that, the most you can make while farming is 750 an hour. If you can maintain the rate, it would take almost 300 hours to get to the WOW gold cap. If you like questing, you can use the quests to make gold. But you should know that farming and questing will waste you some time.

Auction house will make you a lot of gold. However, you also need know some tips. You should not spend so much time buying and selling. Learn the ways that how to transfer items between servers and factions. Also, how to force an item to go up in value through price manipulation is needed to learn. You should also move things around carefully to control how the game operates. Then you can use the gold to buy the high end items and weapons, you will increase much on your WOW power leveling.

One thing that you should note is that farming can give you a lot of gold, but you should spend lots of time on it. You can learn the auction house carefully and creatively in ways that will let you make World of Warcraft gold faster.


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Blood Pact: The chaotic influence of haste

Every week, WoW Insider brings you Blood Pact for affliction, demonology, and destruction warlocks. This week, Megan O'Neill may play affliction in-game, but really she's a destro 'lock IRL.

I'm starting to dislike hit rating again. Previously, with reforging, it was totally possible to sit there with 14.96%, 14.97%, 14.98%, 14.99%, or the occasional rare times I nearly hit fifteen-even, just off by a mere handful of rating points. Now, with the huge amounts of stats on our gear, I feel like we're approaching Wrath-era hit rating juggling, where a new piece means you're way under hit cap or way over hit cap.

This is not a fun stat balancing. Hit is coming back around to the pre-reforge era where it it's actually irritating to balance, not just annoying.

But I don't want to talk about spell hit this time. I want to talk about the very-coolness of haste.

Haste as affliction

I primarily play affliction, so I gear for affliction, obviously. I go for the haste/mastery gear, as SimulationCraft had been telling me before to keep haste and mastery about equal. Now, haste is pulling ahead, and I know that the tier 15 default profiles for affliction that SimC develops have stacked haste on their gear. Everything is haste: gems, reforges, enchants. Currently my haste rating is literally over 9000.

Sure, the heroic tier 15 scale factors for affliction say mastery is probably greater than haste (I say probably because the error range on the graph is pretty large), even putting hit above haste, but if you look at the gear that is being simmed, there's 14k haste and 6k mastery.

But to be honest, just stacking the crap out of haste is boring. At least with DoT breakpoints where extra ticks are added, it was a bit of a fun balancing game for me. Have enough haste, but not too much! DoT breakpoints are still there, but they don't seem to affect the gearing as much as they did before. I unfortunately haven't made the time to figure this out myself (I hear Pandemic makes everything a little weirder), but I have been adjusting my gear long enough to see a bit of a trend.

I don't see the direct math yet, but Zagam at Icy Veins points out that the pure haste profile doesn't beat the haste equivalent with mastery profile by much. As I get closer to a DoT breakpoint, I see my scale factors in SimC point more toward haste, and as I reach and pass the breakpoint, haste lowers and mastery comes back up to almost equivalency. So far, haste continues to stay technically ahead, but it definitely weaves up and down with mastery synergistically.

Haste comes out superior because haste will affect everything, including filler like Malefic Grasp and Drain Soul, but mastery for affliction only affects the technical DoT damage (not channeled damage). For channeled filler spells, haste doesn't really add more ticks, but it still shortens the time between ticks, so you end up with more ticks because you have more casting to do.

The synergy between haste and mastery comes in off the Malefic Grasp effect since mastery will increase the damage done by the Grasp ticks as well as the main DoTs, and haste will give you more DoT ticks overall, but also more Grasp ticks.

Destruction in affliction gear

Warlocks all know that affliction's fire, Fel Flame, is already green, so there's not much point to getting green fire if you're not going to show it off at some point as destruction or demonology. Even now, I play a better destro offspec than I do demo, even if demo is the better option to share stats with affliction (haste and mastery) than destro (crit and mastery).

But I can still decently do destruction in my hasty affliction gear. I don't have as big crits as proper destruction gear, so Chaos Bolt is maybe not as exciting as it could be. But in general, playing as destruction in affliction's gear is a good exercise in mashing buttons is mostly the right order. There isn't much elegant play for destruction in super hasty gear.

My guild mastered the Durumu maze just before the visual enhancements went out, we were looking ahead at Primordius and Dark Animus. From the preview on the LFR, my guild's other warlock and I saw quite clearly that destruction with Mannoroth's Fury would completely rock on Primordius.

Destruction in less hasty gear

As it was progression, we decided to bring more competitive destruction DPS by reforging out affliction sets to fit destro better. We didn't change up gems or enchants -- just reforge out of all the haste and into crit or mastery. He has more haste/mastery pieces while I had some extra crit pieces in my bags, so he ended up with a little more mastery than crit while I ended up with a little more crit than mastery. Since I did my reforging the day of raiding, I wanted to practice with the drastic change in casting speed with my new, lower haste levels.

I got my first taste of real destruction in a heroic dungeon run by popping off a 1M Chaos Bolt under Dark Soul. One million. I was cackling with glee. Sure, as an aff'lock used to 1.25-second or less casts, it seemed to take forever to get a Chaos Bolt off, but when you did... oh Gul'DAN. Delicious.

In the end, my guild one-shot Primordius, so the reforging to destruction probably wasn't even necessary. We later killed Dark Animus as well, switching back to affliction while on our guild's raid break. Even if we could have done Primordius with affliction, after that I wanted to build a proper offset for the spec. It wasn't just the super awesome damage that came from consuming burning embers. The flow of play shifted from mashing buttons in a general order to actual management of what I was casting.

Under less hasty gear, mana management actually matters. This is because of Chaotic Energy, which replaces Life Tap for destruction. (I think that's weird; Ember Tap ought to replace Life Tap, even though I get it that the current swap is a swap between mana regeneration methods, not between taps.) Haste increases mana regeneration. Super-high haste means super-high mana regeneration, and low haste will result in something closer to the base 625%.

So it doesn't really matter when you cast Chaos Bolt as a high haste build, because plain Incinerate won't really dent your mana pool. You actually have to spam your AoE spell in order to hear a "low mana!" ping from an addon. In lower haste, however, the importance of Backdraft comes into play. I fell into the old expansion mechanic trap with Backdraft -- I thought the important part was the cast time part. So I sat there thinking, well of course Chaos Bolt has a super long cast, you just wait for Backdraft to cast it. Destruction used to be a proccy spec anyway.

Wrong. So wrong. Don't cast Chaos Bolt under Backdraft (unless you unfortunately capped your embers and need to burn a whole ember off).

The point of Backdraft is the lower mana cost. Incinerate is a fast enough spell already, but Chaos Bolt doesn't take mana. The only way you'll lower your Chaos Bolt ember cost is by equipping two pieces of tier 15. Blindly spamming Incinerate, on the other hand, is going to spend your mana pool pretty easily. So you want to hit Conflagrate regularly so you can weave Incinerate into as many Backdraft procs as you can, and then the long Chaos Bolt cast actually serves the dual purpose of awesome damage and refilling your mana pool.

When I played destruction in my affliction gear, I tended to the fill-up, spend-down strategy. I'd gain embers all the way up to four and then spend my embers all the way down again. In the reforged for destro gear, I started to step-up, step-down my embers, where I'd actually try to balance around 2-3 embers rather than aiming for a full four. I'd make two full embers than spend one. It wasn't really possible for me to fill all the way up at once like before; that amount of Incinerating without a break was more than my mana regeneration could handle.

So in the end, even though I ended up going back to my old affliction setup, stepping into destruction with semi-proper gear showed me how cool the balancing of a stat can be, if the stat affects a DPS spec in an interesting way (or, in the case of affliction, mixes with another stat's effects). Now, if only we can figure out a way to extend this to hit, and maybe the hit cap wouldn't be so much of a pain.

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WoW Moviewatch: Quest Busters Episode 2 - Those Bears Up There

AFK Players have returned with a sequel to Quest Busters. It's hard to find the words to properly describe Quest Busters Episode 2 - Those Bears Up There. With mindblowingly good animation, astounding flow, and a hilariously engaging script, this machinima will easily be one of the best WoW videos of the year.

Don't let yourself miss out on the astounding appearance of Thor Ultralisk of Void Ray EX. It is one and a half minutes of pure joy, all wrapped up in a clever parody song. Of course, Thor Ultralisk isn't the only in-joke in the video, but you can spot plenty of your own.

Thanks to the AFK Players for an unbelievably good video. Here's hoping you find a tree of your own, one day in the near future. Read more

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Pet Battle System

Previewed at BlizzCon 2011, the Pet Battle System allows most formerly non-combat pets, also known as companions, to become battle pets and battle each other for bragging rights, leveling, and addition of abilities. While this feature was not released until the Mists-Logo-Small Mists of Pandaria expansion was released, the expansion will not be required use the pet battle system and will be available to all players.

This system will act much like a secondary profession and will be available to all players.

Companions will now be able to battle each other in a new turn-based combat system to level up and unlock new abilities. Pets will also be able to encounter and battle pets in the wild to capture them for the player. Players will be able to fight with teams of pets up to 3 for each player at a time. Customization, progress status, abilities and info will be tracked in a new Pet Journal.
Pet Battles mockup Master Trainers abilities BlizzCon2011Example master trainer UI.

Eventually you will be able to seek out new Master Pet Tamer NPCs (were called master pet trainer) to learn new pet abilities from them if your pet is worthy and can defeat the trainer's pet.

Engaging in pet battles may award the player experience similar to gathering professions. Players may disable invites to pet battles.

To get the highest percentage possible of participants, Blizzard has decided that players will not know the identity of players they are fighting against. This is to avoid trash-talking. Another way they are hoping to diminish the negativity involved in some aspects of PvP, they are also only recording wins.

In patch 5.3

Battle pet hit accuracy will change in Patch 5.3, including that the chance of pets dodging attacks and pets missing will be reduced.

A “hit chance” will be listed for all abilities and this value will update if the pet is affected by abilities that increase or reduce the chance to hit
The base 5% chance to dodge will be removed.
The chance to miss opponents of higher levels from 5% per level to 2% per level.
The base 5% chance to gain a critical strike (for 1.5x damage) will remain and +/- 10% damage variance on all abilities.

Basics from Beta FAQ:

PvE battles take place in two ways: against NPC trainers and against pets that you can fight in the world. Pet tracking will let you find pets in the world that you can fight and capture. Keep an eye out!
PvP battles also have two varieties. You can choose to duel another player or you can queue up and be matched against another player of similar skill. Note that you do not earn XP for duels.
Pets heal a portion of their health after every fight. The amount healed is 50% of the damage that they took during the fight. You can also full heal all of the pets in your journal with the [Revive Battle Pets]ω ϖ spell (10 min cooldown; 3 min warmup after login).
If one of your pets die in battle you can resurrect it using the Revive Battle Pets spell or just find a friendly, neighborhood Stable Master. Read more

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Blizzard announces a new mount: the Swift Windsteed

Last night, via their Facebook and Twitter, Blizzard released details of a new mount, the Swift Windsteed.

What they didn’t release with what’s in the public domain at this point was any detail on how players go about getting their greasy paws on the Windsteed. Since the recent release of the adorable fire kitty, as we got all squishy about in Legendary Episode 97, it seems possible that the two both be purchaseable for real money from the Blizzard Pet Store.

However, the dataminers have been busy, and pulled up images of all the different colorways available of the Swift Windsteed. This, to me, makes it far less likely that this will be a purchaseable mount, or a reward for the annual pass, which is soon to expire for early adopters. It’s not impossible, of course, that it might be either of these things, but there are very few real money mounts, even considering all the Trading Card Game mounts, which are the exact same mount with different colorways. This, to me, makes it far more likely to be an in-game reward, perhaps purchaseable at a higher reputation level from one of the new factions we discussed recently here on GAMEBREAKER. You can see the image below of the different options; which do you prefer?


Anyhow, the mount appears to resemble the Qilin, the Chinese chimera, which is slightly confusing given that there’s another mount available in the game with that name. It’s not likely to be a new skeleton, although judgement will have to be reserved until we see it moving. It’s a good, if bizarre-looking new skin, and anything that allows players to fly a scaly goat that floats on a cloud can’t be a bad thing.

In addition to the Swift Windsteed, there are also updated models for the Gryphon and Wyvern – the Alliance and Horde faction mounts. The current models have been upgraded, and a new level of both mounts has been added – the Grand Armored Gryphon and the Grand Armored Wyvern. Both of these require artisan flying to mount.

Of course, this will increase anticipation of new models for other aspects of the game, including characters. While it’s safe to say that updating character models is a huge task, given the plethora of animations and equippable items, any new model can be taken as a signal that progress is being made. GAMEBREAKER remain optimistic for new character models in the not-too-distant future.

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Find a Party in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a MMORPG as known massively multiplayer online role-play game which allow a large number of player join into the game at the same time and server. Players are able to communicate combat, trade with other players. Most players deliver WoW items, WoW gold and WoW equipments with Auction House or face to face. In matter of fact, many items and treasure equipments are gotten by kill monsters and powerful bosses. However, it is very difficult to do. We advice WoW player join to party because of many quests can be finished more quickly and safely with the help of a good group. Groups allow you to go places that you would otherwise not be able to go (and survive) by yourself. Doing quest with a group can help players gain WoW gold and WoW experience easily. Here we will introduce how to find a good party.

Looking for Group Interface

The Looking For Group interface provides the best method for finding other players. Depending on your selection, either the "Looking for Group" or the "Looking for More" interface can be used. Both interfaces have tabs at the bottom that let you easily switch between the two. The Looking for Group interface allows individual players to be added to a queue of other eligible players looking for a group and matches them up based on preferences they have set. The Looking for More option allows for a group to search out additional members to complete a group.

Ask For Groups in Popular Areas. Sometimes it's good to start asking for a group in areas where players hang out. Main cities such as Stormwind are a good place to ask. Finding your party and group, start your wonderful World of Warcraft life! Do WoW power leveling is bored, but if you have members do together, that is a great feeling for your game life!


Guilds are a great source of help. You should consider joining a guild because you might have an easier time getting help and finding groups. This of course depends on the quality of the guild you join. If it doesn't work out, leave the guild and find another one! This is very convenient for your World of Warcraft!
Meet Up On Site

Sometimes after traveling to a quest location you might find players already there. Ask them if they want to team up. For collection quests (collect x skins) people might not want to team, but for other quests, people will often like help. Give it a try. If you have two parties, see if you can merge the parties into one group!

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Learn to be a Successful WOW Horde Druid

Druid is one of the popular classes in World of Warcraft. If you play Druid in the game, you may want to know more information about it. One of the important things in playing Druid is mastering its ability to shift roles as necessary. If you wear the right gear and get the right talents, a WOW Horde Druid can play any role in the party and raid.

As a druid, you should leveling up with all different forms, and be familiar with your spells and abilities in different forms. All these forms are useful. If you do well in all the forms, you will be able to play any role in the game.

The use of talent points is also a key to play Druid well. Feral is for DPS and tanking, Restoration is for groups, and Balance is helpful for casting DPS. You should use your talent points according to your need.

As a WOW Horde Druid, you should use cheetah form when you are traveling from one place to another. This is a fast way to do traveling. It can save you a lot of time.

Healing is important for both you and your teammates, so keep it available all the time. Don’t wait for too much time to do healing unless you are the main WOW tank in your party.

Rez is really helpful for druid, but you should save it for the right time and person in an instance area. You can save the day and prevent a wipe.

What’s more, you can buff other people. They will buff you back. This is helpful, especially for PVP servers. They might help you out when you are annoyed with other players ganking you. If they don’t, you can ask them in a nice way.

When you are not good at group healing, you should also take chances to join group to learn the group healing and fighting skills. You should also read as much information as you can on gear and talents to make sure that when you choose gear and talents with WOW gold you choose the right one.

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'The Bible' finale ratings rival 'The Walking Dead'

He has risen — in the ratings!

History’s The Bible miniseries finale delivered the show’s largest audience since its record-setting premiere. The network reports that 11.7 million viewers watched the two-hour conclusion on Easter Sunday, despite The Bible airing against heavy cable competition during its second hour — AMC’s The Walking Dead had its season finale and HBO’s Game of Thrones had its season premiere, with both geek titans setting ratings records.

In fact, during the 9 p.m. hour when The Bible and The Walking Dead ran head to head, the shows were basically tied with 12.3 million viewers (The Walking Dead rises to 12.4 million when you include its full 65-minute telecast). It’s a strong performance for the religious miniseries that few expected to be a ratings competitor.

Last night’s conclusion of History’s popular project depicted the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Since the show premiered last month, the miniseries has frequently managed to beat most broadcast shows on Sunday nights.


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Cataclysm Warlock Leveling Guide

Warlock in World of Warcraft is a class considered as bad in the game. This class can summon demons and is the master of the dark arts. Warlocks can use shadow and fire based magic. Here is a WOW Cataclysm Warlock Leveling Guide for this class to help you master it well.

Although warlocks are thought to be weaker than other classes physically, the strong spells and use of demonic entities can never be ignored as they are extremely useful. The spells warlocks cast are more powerful than others. However, such a powerful class can only be chosen by Humans, Orcs, Gnomes, Blood Elves, and Forsaken.

One of the main tasks for warlocks is leveling. In order to level up fast in the game, you will have several options. You should get the best gear, enchants and specifications for your character. They will be very helpful for leveling up faster. New players can first talk to some experienced players first to get some suggestions first. You may do the instances with them to get a lot of experience points and better gear as well.

Learning how to use the magic spells and pets in the game is essential for players who choose warlocks to play. Pet can use tanking to take much of the damage given by the enemies and make up the inferior melee fighting by harming enemies in the game.

Warlocks have great stamina levels and can rejuvenate the mana levels by swapping this for health points as well. Not all classes in World of Warcraft have this ability, and warlock is one of them. Thus, warlocks won’t need to be worried about the mana as they can get the use of mana reduced.

For warlocks, although there are many professions in WOW, just Alchemy, Enchanting and Herbalism are the most suitable ones for them. You can try to combine them to use as well to get better effect and earn WOW gold as well. Felsteed Mount you can get after you get to level 30 and get the necessary training is a great advantage to you to increase your speed by 60%.

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